Scientific Themes | Invited Speakers

Scientific Themes

First Session - Bears and transport infrastructure

Second session - Minimising human-bear conflicts (Part A)

Second Session - Minimising human-bear conflicts (Part B)

Third Session - Bear Conservation and Community Participation 

Fourth Session - Presentation of other LIFE projects


Invited Speakers 

Dr. F. Balesteros (Oso Pardo, Spain)

Dr. A. Mertens (LIFE STRADE, Italy)

Mrs. N. Voumvoulaki (Egnatia Odos S.A., Greece)

Dr. Y. Mertzanis (Callisto, Greece)

Mr. I. Trewby (LIFE Connect Carpathians)

Dr. A. Mazzatenta (University of Teramo, Italy)

Dr. S. Ribeiro (Grupo Lobo, Portugal)

Dr. Al. Giannakopoulos (Callisto, Greece)

Dr. El. Tsingarska (Balkani Wildlife Society, Bulgaria)

Dr. Al. Triantafyllidis and Dr N. Karaiskou (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece)

Dr. F. Striglioni (LIFE PLUTO, Italy)

Mr. Ch. Mouratidis (ANKAS, Greece)

Dr. A. Chovardas (University of Cyprus, Cyprus)

Mrs I. Bousiaki (Communication Expert, Greece)

Mr. Ch. Georgiadis (LIFE "ForOpenForests", Greece)



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