Actions' Progress Action C.1 - Installation of warning signs and deterrents for safer road network

Action C.1 - Installation of warning signs and deterrents for safer road network

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Beneficiary responsible Foreseen Start Date Actual Start Date Foreseen End Date Actual End Date
RWM 1/10/2011 1/10/2011 30/6/2012 28/06/2013


The warning signs and road-accident deterrents specifications and standards were delivered by CALLISTO expert team members to the Region of W. Macedonia according to schedule on December 2011 (see the delivered technical specifications in Annex VII of the 1st Progress Report, as well as a special 149 pp. technical report summarizing all methods, techniques and results for the installation of all warning and deterrent means in the project area, produced by the CALLISTO experts in charge of this task, in Annex VIII_C1 of the project’s Mid-Term Report).
The public tenders for the provision of the necessary equipment were announced by RWM in the beginning of April, however due to the economic crisis affecting all supplies the interest for participation in the public tenders was limited, so they failed twice. This made unavoidable repetition of the tender for a third time. Finally, the provider “KougioumtzopoulosS.A.” was contracted by RWM in order to construct and install warning signs according to technical specifications that were provided by the scientific team of CALLISTO.
In April and May 2013, ten (10) custom made warning signs were installed in the Egnatia highway axis “Siatista-Kristalopigi” while another twelve (12) of them were installed in the county and the old national road network. The exact locations were indicated by CALLISTO staff members.
The contractor was strictly supervised by the Technical Services of the Regional Unit of Kastoria, as at the beginning of their works many problems occurred due to poor quality construction works. The Technical Services of the Regional Unit of Kastoria-RWM forced the contractor to amend quality of his work and constructions were finalised in May 2013. RWM, in order to achieve proper realisation of this Action, kept in close contact with the competent technical services of the Egnatia Odos SA, as well as with the traffic police. The total cost for the installation of these warning signs was 39.975,25 €.
The installation of WWR(reflectors) was completed on 28/6/2013 (contractor: MrTeligioridis, final cost 98.277€). The RWM that is the beneficiary responsible for the realisation of this Action had to perform three (3) public tenders in order to find the contractor for the provision and installation of the deterrents. The works were made between March and June 2013. Close cooperation was achieved with the organization of a technical meeting between the RWM technical services, the experts from CALLISTO, the Egnatia Odos SA and the contractors.
Systematic and meticulous field work in order to optimise with the best possible accuracy (in order to secure the maximum deterring efficiency) the locations where these devices would be placed was performed by the scientific CALLISTO workforce. In total 5,400 WWR have been installed along the aforementioned road network. 




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