Actions' Progress Action C.3 - Development of a network of Livestock Guarding Dog owners

Action C.3 - Development of a network of Livestock Guarding Dog owners

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Beneficiary responsible Foreseen Start Date Actual Start Date Foreseen End Date Actual End Date
ANKAS 1/1/2012 1/2/2012 28/3/2014 30/11/2014

The implementation of the action was made between February 2012and November 2014. The creation of a data base of all dog owners in the project area was made in cooperation of ANKAS with CALLISTO, the project partner with long experience on the subject. Data and useful information were retrieved from databases of all registered farmers provided by the General Directorate of Rural Development as well as the Veterinary Services of the Regionof Western Macedonia. Full list of all breeders in the project area included in Annex IX_C3 of the Midterm Report.
Assessment of the databases records was necessary for identifying, monitoring and comparing the quality and efficiency of these dogs. The selection of breeders who could participate in the Network was made according certain criteria:Frequency-quantity of animal losses caused by large carnivores;Presence / quality of existing LGDs in the possession of the breeder/shepherd;Health/welfare conditions of existing dogs in the possession of the breeder/shepherd;Communication ability and willingness to participate in the Network




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