Actions' Progress Action C.5 - Establishment and pilot operation of a “Bear Emergency Team”

Action C.5 - Establishment and pilot operation of a “Bear Emergency Team”

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Beneficiary responsible Foreseen Start Date Actual Start Date Foreseen End Date Actual End Date (pilot phase)
CALLISTO 1/10/2011 1/10/2011 30/9/2013 30/9/2013


The BET (“Bear Emergency Team”) was composed by four team members (one veterinarian, one nurse-veterinarian and two biologists – bear experts) and its interventions lasted over a total period of three years (from 2011-2013) according to the initial project time-schedule. For each case the BET was notified from different sources (depending on the nature of the incident).The standard source was the 24/7 telephone number based at ANKAS project partner whereas the other sources included the police traffic services and the forestry services and in some cases inhabitants from the project area. In all cases the BET was mobilized immediately as three (3) out of four (4) members were motorized and constantly based in the project area. In several incidents dealing with bears approaching human settlements the BET invited the forestry services to get more involved in bear managing practices in order for them to progressively gain the necessary know-how. In some other cases the competent services (especially the forestry services) were reluctant to participate but this was palliated by the other authorities’ contribution (i.e. police, hunters’ federation wardens). The BET continued to operate over the next two years of project implementation (2014 and 2015) on project partner’s CALLISTO own resources, as additional cases kept presenting and had to be dealt imperatively. According to the characteristics and needs in each case the relevant methods and practices were implemented based on the appropriate criteria in order to resolve it.




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