Actions' Progress Action A.5 - Creation of a Livestock Guarding Dog owner registry

Action A.5 - Creation of a Livestock Guarding Dog owner registry

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The action was also completed by the ANKAS Project Team, despite the delay on recruiting the necessary personnel (see Action A.2, above).

This action was implemented during the first year of the project: An extensive field survey conducted by the project team usinga questionnaire which was filled in through interviews. Detailed information on all the Livestock Guarding Dogs owned by a large number livestock-raisers was gathered, such as the number of dogs, breed, age, sex, sanitary and health conditions, kin relations, efficiency, dog training methods, feeding and veterinary protocols, etc. It must be noted that both local and seasonal livestock-raisers were interviewed, as a large number of the latter were still present in the study area, arriving with their flocks in the spring and leaving in the autumn.

After the collection of the required data, the creation of a comprehensive data base was then possible, in order to support proper implementation of Actions C.3 (“LGD network”) and E.5 (“Monitoring of damage”).

In addition, an experience exchange was organized by CALLISTO and the Portuguese Environmental NGO Grupo Lobo (see The NGO was associated beneficiary of the project LIFE COEX ( and has in-depth knowledge and long experience on development of network(s) of livestock guarding dog breeders. The visit lasted five (5) days in total, from 25 to 30 November 2011. The overall experience was a very fruitful transfer of best practices and increased the capacity of the project team, especially of the ANKAS staff member responsible for this Action, Mrs. Artemis Randou.

For the methodology applied (methods used, complementary efforts made) please see paragraph 5.3.1 below. 

The report on Action A.5 was delivered 




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