Actions' Progress Action E.6 - Networking with other LIFE Projects

Action E.6 - Networking with other LIFE Projects

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CALLISTO, participating as Associated Beneficiary in two other LIFE projects targeting brown bear in Greece (LIFE PINDOS/GREVENA and LIFE EX-TRA), made various efforts for achieving better cooperation, synergies and networking with other LIFE and non-LIFE projects. Delegations from the CALLISTO workgroup members have represented the project in other LIFE projects meetings, seminars, workshops and conferences. Field trips to exchange expertise were arranged, and communications were realized on a constant basis. The other two beneficiaries also participated in LIFE events, visits exchangeand international conferences.

On March 30th, 2011, a meeting was held in Grevena between experts working for the two projects dealing with brown bear conservation in the Region of W. Macedonia (under implementation that time): The ARCTOS/KASTORIA (LIFE09 NAT/GR/000333) project was represented by Mr. Grigoris Psomadakis, while the LIFE PINDOS/GREVENA (LIFE07 NAT/GR/000291) project was represented by Mr. Ballas and Mr. Tsialtas. Aim of the meeting was to exchange information and experience on management and administration issues.

On June 16th, 2011, a fieldtrip in the project area was organized for a delegation team from Gran Sasso National Park (Italy) representing the LIFE EX-TRA (LIFE07 NAT/IT/502) ongoing project. The aim of the visit and fieldtrip was the exchange of know-how and experience in topics such as: bear monitoring techniques, Egnatia highway impact on bear population (fence inadequacy and bear traffic fatalities), and use of preventive measures for minimization of bear damages.

In June 2012, during IENE conference organised in Kastoria, a poster was presented on an experience exchange trip to Portugal (organised together with the aforementioned LIFE projects). See Annex XIX of the 1st Progress Report.

The Project Manager was invited and represented the project in the Final Conference of the LIFE ANTIDOTO project in Assergi, L’ Aquila, Italy (24-26 October 2013), presenting findings and actions undertaken by the project for fighting the illegal use of poison baits practice in the project area. The cost of participation was covered completely by the organisers of the conference. See:

In May and July 2014, in the frame of two workshops titled “Management of problem/habituated bears: Experience comparisons” and co-organized by: (a) the Italian Life Projects LIFE ARCTOS and LIFE12 NAT/IT/000807 WOLFALPS, as well as by the Slovenian Life Project “LIFE08 NAT/SLO/000244 SloWolf”, CALLISTO project partner (and namely the scientific coordinator) was invited to participate. To this purpose relevant texts and a filled-in questionnaire were prepared and were sent to the workshop organizing committee (see Annex XIII of the 2nd Progress Report). The final report/operational manual produced after these two workshops including all necessary experience, expertise, information and tools to manage bear-human conflict situations and referring also to the relevant status in Greece (table page 37) is included in Annex XIII of the 2nd Progress Report.

The project’s achievements with specific reference to highway KA45 impact passing cutting through the bear population in the project area and the deterring measures implemented by the project (signs and WR’s) and by EGNATIA SA (bear proof fence) were presented (in a field trip on 11/10/2014) by project scientific responsible Dr. Y. Mertzanis to the Spanish delegation from NGO “Oso Pardo”, implementing in Spain (Cantabrian Mountains) the LIFE Project “LIFE12 NAT/ES/000192 "Habitat defragmentation for brown bear in the Cantabrian Mountains".

Additionally, the project’s achievements and results specifically referring to actions A1 and E2 were also presented by dr. Yorgos Mertzanis in an oral presentation at the International Bear Association Conference held in Thessaloniki Greece from 05/10-11/10/2014 (see also The Conference was attended during its whole duration by the project scientific responsible Dr. Y. Mertzanis as well as by Dr. Al. Giannakopoulos responsible for action C1 specifications and Mr. Th. Tragos, biologist. Other participants from the Project Team included Mr. Psomadakis (representative of RWM), Mr. Sp. Psaroudas (Project Manager), and Mr. Theodoridis (CALLISTO’s Communication Officer), Mr. F. Anastasiadis (Technical Coordinator of several Actions), Mr. Y. Lazaros and Dr. Y. Iliopoulos (see Annex XIII of the 2nd Progress Report).

Output from Project LIFE ARCTOS/KASTORIA, namely from action A3 as well as from other actions was valorised in a comprehensive scientific article titled “Recovery of large carnivores in Europe’s modern human-dominated landscapes G. Chapron et al., Science 346, 1517 (2014)” published in the world’s top scientific magazine “Science” in December 2014. The entire article is included in Annex XIII of the 2nd Progress Report. Please note that the project is mentioned in Ref. 109, page 8.

The Project Manager participated in an experience exchange visit between 11 and 14 May in sites where the LIFE Projects STRADE and MEDWOLF are currently implemented.

Spyros Psaroudas visited the prevention systems installed in the Provinces of Terni and Siena and thoroughly discussed various technical aspects of the monitoring activities carried out and the prevention systems installed within the project. Future prospects for the additional exchange of information and experiences seem promising, also with regards to the possibility of implementing in Greece the system to prevent traffic collisions with wildlife that is being experimented within the Life project STRADE (see:

The experience exchange included also a visit to a livestock breeder in Grosseto, Istia d’Ombrone Tuscany, who is member of the LGDs Network created by the project LIFE MEDWOLF (see: as well as a meeting with members of the Project Team in Rome, during which the organization of a joint workshop between members of the LGD Networks created by LIFE projects in Italy and Greece was discussed.

The Project Manager participated in the Green Week 2015, in Brussels, 2-4 June 2015. He also participated in a LIFE Information Meeting at Athens, 17 June 2015, organized by the Ministry of Environment.

Finally, it is worth-mentioning the synergy achieved between the project LIFE ARCTOS/KASTORIA and the research project ALPINE, whichcontributed substantially to evaluate the functionality and attractiveness of the mitigation structures along the KA45 highway segment as well as to propose specific measures and works expected to improve the functionality of these structures as bear underpasses.




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