Actions' Progress Action D.1 -Public information and awareness raising campaign

Action D.1 -Public information and awareness raising campaign

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1. Media work

The Project Team’s staff, with assistance provided by CALLISTO’s communication experts issuedmore than forty five (45) Press Releases referring to the project. See: (1) Annex V, pages 3-7 of the Inception Report, (2) XII, part A of the 1st Progress Report, (3) Annex X_D1 of the Midterm Report, (4) Annex VI-1 of the 2nd Progress Report, and (5) Annex VII of this (Final) Report.Thirty eight(38) of them are also available at:

Regarding publications on the local and national press about the project and its activities, forty eight (48) of them have been recorded. For a representative sample, see:

Project’s objectives and project’s actions have been also published at CALLISTO’s website (, at CALLISTO’s blog ( and at CALLISTO’s e-newsletter.

2. Organisation of events for the local community and for visitors

  • June 30th, 2011: More than 45 persons, including representatives of local authorities, the Forestry Service, local NGOs, hunting associations, as well as individuals, participated in the first event organized for the local people. Qualified team of experts from CALLISTO and the Region of W. Macedonia answered all the questions and recorded all concerns regarding its implementation. For details please see Annex V, pages 28-31of the Inception Report.
  • September 30th, 2013: Presentation of the project’s activities and results was impressive since the main concrete conservation actions have been completed. The main conclusion of the meeting was that the residents should be further informed about the project‘s achievements.
  • May 19th, 2013: CALLISTO organised a meeting, in order to ease people’s fears concerning the bear presence at Krepeni area. BET members presented the operations held for the bear “Irma” (see Annex X_D1 of the Midterm Report)).
  • August 13th, 2014: The final public information meeting was held in the amphitheatre of the Regional Unit of Kastoria. The results and techniques/methodologies applied by the Project were presented and discussed with the participants.

3. Poster of the project

The poster promoting the conservation actions for the project area was printed in 1.000 copies and was disseminated to local communities, schools, etc. in the project area. Please see a copy of the poster of the project in Annex V of the 2nd Progress Report.

4. Special brochure on the ways of coexistence between bears and humans

The special brochure on the ways of coexistence between bears and humans was produced in 5000 copies in June 2013 and was disseminated through the project’s Local Office, as well as a newspaper insert of the local newspaper “ORIZONTES”. Moreover, the brochure was used by BET members and volunteers who participated at the Eco-Volunteers programme. The brochure is also available online through the project’s website ( - please see Annex X_D1 of the Midterm Report.

5. Organization of a meeting at Kastoria’s Hunting Association

The meeting was held on the 11th December 2012 at the premises of the Regional Unit of Kastoriaand was attended by 12 hunters.

6. Seminar for personnel of Local Authorities

The seminar for the personnel of local authorities was held on the 19th of April 2012. The seminar was held at the “Papalazareio” KEK (Vocational Training Centre) of Kastoria Municipality and 18 people participated. All the material concerning the above is provided in Annex X_D1 of the Midterm Report.

7. Design of the project’s logo

The project’s logo properly designed has been used for all project’s products.

Note please that the public information and awareness raising campaign of the project was extended beyond the initially foreseen end date, till September 2015, in order to communicate the results of the project to the local people and the public in general.




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