Actions' Progress Action D.2 - Special information campaign for agriculture professionals

Action D.2 - Special information campaign for agriculture professionals

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Most important events and developments in the action’s progress include:

1. Media work: Four (4) press releases were issued in the course of the project. The first Press Release has been issued on 30/04/2012, concerning the operation of the Local Office and giving emphasis on its informative role regarding bear damages on the production and the use of preventive measures. The second Press Release was issued on 2/07/2012, concerning the damages caused by a bear near Dispilio area (inside the project area). The Press Release aimed at informing the local people about the Bear Emergency Team’s undertaken actions for dealing with this incident; along with the use of preventive measures for the minimization of bear damages on livestock. Another press release has been issued on 12/07/2013, concerning the activation of Measure 216 for the subsidy of electric fences, while on 13/09/2013 a another press release informed people about the third and final seminar which has been organized under D2 action of the project(e-Annex D2.1.1).

Nineteen(19)publications have been recorded till the start of the project at the local and national press and many publications have been recorded at web media exceeding the target of thirty publications till the end of the project. CALLISTO has also presented the project actions concerning the prevention measures for damages caused by bears in four (4) TV and radio shows (e-Annex D2.1.2).

In order for people to be extensively informed concerning the activation of Measure 216 for the subsidy of electric fences, CALLISTO published the application link for the subsidy of electric fences along with extra information concerning the application process, at CALLISTO’s website and blog (e-Annex D2.1.3).

2. Special brochure on insurance regulation and prevention measures: The brochure on insurance regulation and prevention measures for damages caused by bears which was printed as initially planned in 3.000 copies (e-Annex D2.2.1), and disseminated mainly by CALLISTO’s staff. The brochure has been also disseminated through the project’s Local Office and during all the three seminars for agriculture professionals, which were held under D2 action, while volunteers that participated in action C4 of the project have also disseminated relevant material.Additionally, the brochure has been also distributed to Agrotica National Fair (a special fair held in Thessaloniki for agriculture professionals during 1-5/2/2012) (e-Annex D2.2.2).The brochure is also available online through the project’s website and through CALLISTO’s website (e-Annex D2.2.3).

3. Poster: The poster promoting the use of electric fences and of livestock guarding dogs has been printed as initially planned in 1.000 copies (e-Annex D2.3.1). The poster has been disseminated mostly by CALLISTO staff and volunteers as well as through the project’s Local Office. Some posters were disseminated also through Northern Pindos National Park informational centres (e-Annex D2.3.2).

: The “best-practice manual” is based on experience gained during this and previous LIFE projects regarding conservation of brown bear in Greece providing technical instructions on proper use of LGDs (Livestock Guarding Dogs) and electric fences, as damage prevention measures. The manual is available in both electronic (downloadable from and printed formats (100 copies) (

5. Seminars for agriculture professionals, livestock raisers and bee-keepers: All three seminars were organized by CALLISTO as initially planned. A total of 47 people attended them.The first seminar was held on 15/9/2011 at Kastoria and the second one on the 1/10/2012 atMesopotamia village, both addressing agriculture professionals in the project area (e-Annex D2.5.1). The third seminar for agriculture professionals was held on 16/09/2013. The latter seminar took place at the Agriculture Union of Kastoria and gave emphasis on the agri-environment measure (Measure 216, Action 1.1) of the Greek Rural Development program that was active that time, concerning a subsidy for electric fence purchase and installation. The seminar indented to inform agriculture professionals both for the subsidy and the procedure that needed to be followed for the grant. The use of electric fences and Livestock Guarding Dogs have been extensively presented as very efficient measures for the protection of bear damages in production (e-Annex D2.5.2).




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