Actions' Progress Action D.6 – International Symposium

Action D.6 – International Symposium

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The organization of the symposium was assigned to WIN Ltd, contractor through tender procedures. Preliminary meetings with the contractors and representatives of RWM and CALLISTO, organised on 26 November 2014 in the offices of the latter, marked the official launch of the action. Several more meetings took place in Kastoria with the beneficiary responsible for the action RWM and WIN Ltd to finalize administrative issues and publicity affairs.

The International Symposiumon «Transportation, Infrastructure and other categories of bear - human conflicts»was held 6-8 February 2015, in Tsamis Hotel, Kastoria.

The contractors edited two (2) press releases (one before and one after the close of the conference). The poster and the conference invitation were published in the local mass media and in national magazines. Production and broadcasting of radio spots lasting 30'' in local and regional radio stations promoted the Symposium to the wide public.

The conference was promoted also through a website connected with social media tools like Facebook and Twitter to promote the conference, to provide useful information on travel and accommodation in the project area and to facilitate registration of participants.

Seventeen speakers from Greece, Spain, Italy, Romania, Portugal and Bulgaria covered the following subjects: “Bears and transport infrastructure”, “Minimizing human - bear conflicts” (2 sessions), “Bear Conservation and Community Participation”, and “Presentation of other LIFE projects”. The speakers and the titles of their presentations are listed in the Special Activity Report prepared by the contractors and presented in Annex VIII of this Report.

RWM in collaboration with CALLISTO and the contractors hired a bus to transport undergraduates and post-graduate students of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (Faculties of Forestry, Biology and Veterinary) from Thessaloniki to Kastoria in order to encourage participation in the Symposium.In the last day, a field trip/excursion in Kastoria and in the project area was organised.

Interpretation services from Greek to English and vice versa were provided as well as electronic recording of the conference proceedings.

Total number of participants exceeded the 139 persons.

A complete set of all deliverables (including video, photographs,presentations and radio spot) are also available the Conference website




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