Actions' Progress Action D.9 - Notice Boards

Action D.9 - Notice Boards

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Beneficiary responsible Foreseen Start Date Actual Start Date Foreseen End Date Actual End Date
RWM 1/4/2011 1/4/2011 26/9/2011 30/11/2011


The placement of the project’s Notice Boards was made at the end of November 2011.

Three small (90*50 cm) Notice Boards were placed at the entrance of the buildings/offices hosting the three beneficiaries, and two large (1.20*90 cm) Notice Boards were placed in the entrance of the villages Nestorio and Gavros (Koresteia) respectively.

RWM has already improved the placement of the Notice Board outside Nestorio, according remarks made by the EC in its letter dated 3/6/2014 (ARES 1808135).




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