Actions and means involved

Actions and means involved

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A. Preparatory actions, elaboration of management plans and/or action plans:

A.1 Identification-delineation of road network with high risk of bear traffic fatalities

A.2 Preliminary damage assessment caused by bears in the project area

A.3 Non-invasive genetic monitoring of the brown bear in the project area

A.4 Analysis of local people attitudes on coexistence with brown bear

A.5 Creation of a Livestock Guarding Dog owner registry

C. Concrete conservation actions:

C.1 Installation of warning signs and deterrents for safer road network

C.2 Construction and use of bear-proof refuse containers and electric fencing

C.3 Development of a network of Livestock Guarding Dog owners

C.4 Establishment and initial operation of an “Eco-Volunteers Programme”

C.5 Establishment and pilot operation of a “Bear Emergency Team”

D. Public awareness and dissemination of results:

D.1 Public information and awareness raising campaign

D.2 Special information campaign for agriculture professionals

D.3 Production and dissemination of a special brochure for drivers

D.4 Special seminars for road network operation and traffic accidents

D.5 Operation of a Project’s Local Office supporting bear-human coexistence

D.6 International Symposium

D.7 Website set up and maintenance

D.8 Environmental Education Programmes

D.9 Notice Boards

D.10 Layman’s Report

E. Overall project operation and monitoring:

E.1 Coordination and management of the project

E.2 Monitoring of mitigation measures’ effectiveness and efficiency

E.3 Monitoring of brown bear population and distribution status and trends

E.4 Monitoring of damage caused by bears in the project area

E.5 Follow-up surveys on the local people perception of human-bear coexistence

E.6 Networking with other LIFE Projects

E.7 After-LIFE Conservation Plan




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