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 Α. A basic set of actions will be implemented in the present project in order to evaluate and map the ‘high-risk’ areas in bear mortality from road traffic injuries along the highway and road network of Kastoria (using radiolabel-telemetry). The outcome of this activity will be the installation of wildlife warning signs and labels increasing the safety standards for both people/motorists and wildlife. In addition a special brochure presenting useful information to the drivers will be designed and produced while special seminars on “Dealing with traffic accidents where bears and other wild animals are involved” will be carried out targeting personnel from the Siatista-Kristallopigi road maintenance, the Traffic police as well as personnel from the Border Police Department and of the Forestry Service of Kastoria. Moreover specific areas will be mapped in order to create operational passes (i.e. wildlife underpasses, overpasses, green bridges viaducts and fence) especially in the Egnatia highway stretch “Siatista-Krystallopigi” preventing the habitat fragmentation of bears in the project area. Finally, an International Symposium on “Transport infrastructure and wildlife” will be organized by the end of the programme.

Β. A second set of actions is connected with the purchase of the necessary equipment and the operation of a “Bear Emergency Team” with main responsibilities to intervene in crisis situations and emergencies taking measures in order to prevent bears from approaching human settlements (e.g. modifying garbage bins, installation of electric fences).

C. Another set of actions will be taken to analyze the damages caused by bears in the rural economy of the region and simultaneously identifying and prioritizing the areas of high risk in order to take the proper preventive measures (e.g. Development of a network of Livestock Guarding Dog owners which will help them to identify, monitor and compare the quality and efficiency of their dogs).

D. Finally a special environmental education program will be developed, public information meetings and seminars will be organized, special brochures will be printed, a website will be designed, a set of actions will be operated by volunteers supporting the human-bear coexistence and a Local Office will be organized providing important information.

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