Project objectives


Project objectives:

-    Improvement of Ursus arctos* conservation status in terms of habitat condition and especially  population levels and trends in relation to the major threats related to transportation infrastructure, traffic and human caused mortality.

-    Maintain bear human caused mortality at a sustainable level not exceeding 4% of the minimum estimated population in the area targeted by the project.

-    Maintain the number of the yearly reproductive females no less than the 10-12% of the minimum estimated bear population in the area targeted by the project.

-    Improvement of drivers’ awareness level on the risk of traffic accidents and subsequent minimization of bear traffic mortality.

-    Improvement of the awareness level of specific target groups on the existing preventive measures and tools and subsequent minimization of bear-human conflict levels.

-    Acquisition of know-how by local authorities on specific and concrete monitoring and management tools dealing with the conservation and management of brown bear (Ursus arctos*).